Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"I'm Too Sexy."

(Right Said Fred.)

So my cold has turned into a sinus infection and is now taking up residence in my chest. I keep trying to convince myself that I'm curating a sexy Kathleen Turner voice....but honestly, I just sound sick.
For lack of something more interesting to blog about, I'm going to give you a fashion show of some recently acquired pieces.
I have always wanted a sequined top, and I love the soft pink of this one. Now I need skinny jeans, a new pair of shoes and a sweater to go with it.


A safari dress. I have loved safari wear since I was 4 years old, and had a piece of fake leopard fur that I would tie around myself as a bikini top.


The necklace I bought a couple of months ago at Forever 21. They do the best accessories for cheap. This necklace was less than $7.


This is a soft knit dress for all those hot Florida days. I like tying the waist really small, (just like the stores do,) and pretending I'll look that thin when I wear the dress.


This last dress goes all the way to my ankles and I'm calling it my pool dress because it sounds better than, I'm too lazy to shave my legs dress.


The crochet detail.


I bought all the clothes at Kohls, with the help of my personal shopper Sarah. I bought 3 other dresses, but after being reviewed by my family, they are being returned.


Wende said...

Love it all! And your title, made me think of LMFAO's "sexy and I know it" Oy. :D (don't watch the video unless you promise not to HATE me)


Mrs. Cheerio said...

I love it all!!! You have great taste!

I think you should post photos with you in the clothes, though. (Like I'm one to talk- I take photos of my clothes on the floor.)

HopiQ said...

I fell in love with your pool dress. I don't have the pool, but the dress came today. I love it! :)