Sunday, April 01, 2012

I Seafood!

Yesterday Brewier and I drove south to Bradenton, the little town we lived in when we first moved to Florida, and where the beach that we still love to go to is located. The town was having their annual seafood festival; the last time we attended was in 1986, and it was a small event with just a few local restaurants offering fresh caught local seafood. My how things have changed. The festival is now a three day event, with musical performances, food trucks and your typical festival vendors. They also had the cleanest, fanciest, air conditioned porta- potties I've ever been in. Bradenton is in Manatee county, hence the flying manatees.


There were lots of, (fried,) choices of food.


We chose the grouper platter, which was surprisingly good for festival food.


There was a tent for rum drinks served in a fresh coconut.


I was horrified that THEY DUMPED OUT THE COCONUT WATER! I pay $3 a can for it at the health food store.


We left the festival and headed to the beach. Ahhhh.


The water was beautiful! I like how surreal it looks in this photo.


We left when the sky started looking like this, and drove through some much needed rain most of the way home.


It was a GREAT day!


hilltopper said...

awesome! looks like a great day!

Elizabeth said...

I Love the picture of the both of you. The food looks fried to perfection! I'm not a huge fried food fan, but when it looks that good, my arm can be twisted :)