Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Wish I Had a Green Thumb.

Brewier told me this morning that I should go out shopping today and to buy some palms or other large plants for the pots we have for around the pool. I struggle with what to buy, I don't have a green thumb and am never sure of what will look good. (Renee, I need your help with this next time you visit.) After an hour of wandering around at Home Depot, this is what I bought.

Basil. Thai basi, lemon verbena, mint, rosemary and lemon thyme. This is the best I could do with a photo because my legs were visible shaking from cleaning the inside and outside of all our sliding glass doors and windows. I was so focused on the cleaning and trying to finish before my legs refused to work any more, that I didn't even notice the orchid Brewier brought home for me, until we were sitting down and eating dinner.


LindaSue said...

Uh = you do realize herbs are not large poolside shrubs right? LOL - love it -I love buying herbs in little pots too -and all that cleaning is very impressive. Enjoying your settling in process - rosemary is one of my favorite herbs - along with tarragon, and oh yes sage but then there is ---- yeah I'm one of those people

Elizabeth said...

Pretty orchid! I tried to deep clean my kitchen today, do many loads of laundry, on top of the fact that I went to the gym today. All I want to do now is take a nap :(
I remember the days when I could clean the entire house in one day.

hilltopper said...

youre going to need a lot of herbs to fill that space.

maybe a huge herb topiary....in the shape of a dog, it would be a wonderful pet that you didnt have to feed or clean up after, and it would provide fresh herbs for megan to cook with.
looks like you made a great choice, my friend.

Wende said...

Gorgeous orchid. Love it!! I must confess, I'm a serial orchid killer. Sigh.