Monday, March 19, 2012

Yeah, I'm Back.

Its been a nice break, but I'm kind of sad I didn't keep up my blogging during the move. There has been a lot going on and I don't know if I'll remember it.
Our actual move was a nightmare that I won't detail. The ray of sunshine on that day was John, Sarah and Ethan hanging out with us, then driving across the state to see our new house, help us get settled, then heading home sometime after midnight. True. Friends.
Mark,Darlene, Keith and Lance stopped by our first weekend here,then Renee, Sara and Eva drove over for pajama Monday. Unfortunately our house was still pretty much in boxes so we met up with Jessica at Target, and visited while drinking coffee.


This past Saturday Sarah came over to help with the house. I had become overwhelmed and things were at a standstill. She arrived and started unpacking boxes and working her magic in every room. It was great to have her and Ethan visit with us, and we were sad to see them leave this morning.




I know its not much of a post, but its a start.


Vickie said...

Yay! a start! Pretty!

LindaSue said...

Sarah really DOES a magical job with home decor - luv it luv it - your favorite objects displayed to really show their unique beauty - now THAT is the work of a loving friend. Good to see you back - moving stinks - big time - I'm hoping my recent move is last until I get to my heavenly home!

Elizabeth said...

That looks like a fantastic start! I'm impressed with the shelves.
We will be moving soon also. Husband finally landed a job, so we are going to look for a place more suited to us.