Friday, March 30, 2012

Are You Kidding Me???

Instead of blogging, organizing m closet, or doing anything else productive, I've been watching back to back episodes of Mad Men. I have felt horrible....much like I did a few years ago in our previous home; no energy, unable to think, impatient, waiting for death. (Not to be confused with waiting impatiently for death.) Wednesday Megan and I went to Orlando and I started feeling better. Weird. Brewier called while we were away and said the A.C. man had been to our house and replaced the coils to our ac unit. The coils had been leaking freon into our house. No wonder I felt so bad. Well that and the fact that the state has started building and widening the roads around my house...and mosquito fogged my neighborhood for over 3 hours the other night. Geesh...this is why we moved away from Orlando! And now, because I don't like whiney posts, I give you my coffee loving granddaughter, Kate. (She is 3, my absolute favorite age of kids.) IMG_8948_2 IMG_8949_2 IMG_8960_2


Jessica said...

I love the second photo of Kate! I was sitting outside in a meeting at Barnes & Noble when the mosquito guy started driving around - I had to leave & go home! (And ended up with a dry throat/achy back the next night)

Vickie said...

So cute! Come by for a visit next time you're in Orlando!