Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Newest Member of My Bird Family.

I took a break from packing yesterday to go to the Orlando Folk Festival. One of my favorite artists, Dawn Schreiner, was there and I'm always anxious to see her latest paintings. (I bought one of her paintings with my Christmas money and realized I haven't blogged it yet!) Megan, Oliver and I had a great time walking around and visiting with the artists, and were just finishing up our walk around the park when we reached the last artists tent and I spied this sparkling, rhinestone beauty, sculpted and adorned by local artist Melissa Menzer.


Look at those fancy tail feathers.


There are even lizards! I adore lizards.


Do you see the calligraphy nib hiding in the wing? Did you know I do calligraphy?


It was as if this little gem was made just for me. Megan told me to pick it up before someone else did, and then informed me I shouldn't put it down unless I was sure I wasn't going to buy it. I'm so glad I took her advice because as I was getting ready to pay for it, a not so pleasant woman came up and told me she had come back to buy the bird. She then huffed and puffed around the displays picking things up and putting them down, muttering, I was going to buy that.
Thank you Megan, (and thank you for taking these fantastic photos for me.)


Elizabeth said...

That is the coolest!! I love anything with birds so I'm really loving this sculpture :)

LindaSueBuhl said...

wonderful sculpture and funny story about the huffing and puffing sore loser!