Monday, February 06, 2012

Its Over

We ended up having our estate sale both Saturday and Sunday, selling all but a couple of boxes of books and clothes. We are all tired and sunburned but it was so worth it. Of course I'm already finding things that didn't make it out to the sale; those will go into the donation box. In the week leading up to the sale I never slept more than 4 hours a night, but here a a few of the photos I was able to tak in my zombie like condition.

Renee cam over one evening and gave me a luxurious leg and foot massage.


(Call her at The Loft at Dawchers, 407.647.5300, and you can get one too.)

Addison had a Dr appointment in Orlando , so I got to have lunch with Kate and play in the back garden with all the children.

lunch with kate

Cutie pie Clay


Oliver LOVES his cousins.

clay oliver

Today is cleaning day. I have never ever had such a messy dirty house and it is driving both Megan and I crazy. Tomorrow packing resumes, along with the search for a place to rent.

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