Monday, February 20, 2012

Is It Bad?

...That I keep hoping something will happen and the sale of our home won't go through? I keep thinking, maybe its like when Abraham through faith and obedience to God, was taking Isaac to sacrifice him and at the last minute God provided a sacrifice and Isaac was spared and Abraham got to keep his son.
We spent all weekend house hunting for a rental in the Tampa area. We had a wonderful realtor*
helping us out; she was very understanding of my chemical sensitivities and the fact that sometimes I just needed to be in a house for 30 minutes or so to make sure it was safe for me. She also understood that I could step through the door of a house and know I couldn't be in it. We found one possible home and you can view it here.
Its more than we want to spend, but it is located in the lovely Saddlebrook resort. The pros: all tile floors, a pool, lots of great light, 8 miles from Jessica, very quiet. The cons: All my friends are in Orlando, it's in the burbs, has a small dated kitchen, not kid friendly, no sidewalks, surrounded by lush landscaping and golf courses. Yes, that is a con, because for anything to be lush in FL it requires lots of chemical spraying and fertilizing.
I've tried looking for homes in Orlando too. While just about every other home has a for sale sign in its yard, both our realtor and myself could only find 12, four bedroom homes for rent in the entire metro Orlando area. As the Today show proclaimed, it is the year of the landlord.
Our tentative closing date is March 5th. I. Am. Not. Ready.

*Deborah Catterton, with Charles Rutenberg Realty - she has been truly wonderful.


hilltopper said...

i am praying for you, Friend. <3

Vickie said...

I keep hoping what you are hoping but I didn't know you were hoping it. So I'm going to pray for it.

Moo said...

You know Honolulu has really clean air.....

Cindi said...

"Is It Bad?"


Praying for you and your family.