Friday, January 13, 2012

Well That Didn't Last Long.

So much for blogging everyday this year.
Monday morning I met Jessica in Lakeland, to pick up Addison. We thought it would be a good idea for her to see me packing up my house to mentally get used to the idea of me moving. She loves my home and tells me so every time we're together and we didn't want it to be traumatic for her when I no longer lived here.
I think she rather enjoyed the topsy turvy house. She spent a good bit of time snuggled into this sofa with Olivers Nook.


Tuesday morning we started the day off at Starbucks.


Followed by a shopping trip where she fell in love with this dress. She put it on and started spinning in circles singing, "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!" She said she looked like a princess, and I was all set to buy her the dress, but she found a different one she liked even more, (which sadly I didn't take a picture of,) that was a bit more adult, so I bought that for her.

pink dress

Sarah came over after work to have dinner with us and spend the night. Addison was one happy girl.

sarah and addison

Oliver loved having Addison here and would hug and kiss her every chance he got. All her big sister skills were evident as she helped out and played with Oliver.


Addison is home now, so packing and trying to find a new home resumes. Brewier has looked at a couple of houses in the Tampa area, but everything seems to have carpet and/or mold. There don't seem to be very many rentals either, I'm sure its because of the demand for them now that so many people have had to forclose on their own homes.

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