Saturday, January 21, 2012

This is How I Roll.

Yes, another post recapping the week in pictures.
It was really cold last Saturday morning when Brewier and I went out to garage sales, so I wore my only winter coat. My belief is that if you own fur, wear it every chance you get.

garage sale

In contrast to that, this is me having morning coffee with Renee, on one of our pajama mondays. And yes, those are brownies we were eating for breakfast.

pajama mondays

The state of my house right now.


Hot Dog heaven french fries for dinner Wednesday night,

french fries

Followed by cupckes from Rhapsodic Bakery.


Megan scored a box of gluten free day old cupcakes for $13!

day old

Friday Oliver turned ONE! We celebrated by letting him watch us drink coffee at Starbucks.

birthday breakfast

Today, (which is Brewiers birthday!) we had a little party for Oliver, in the back yard.

backyard birthday

His cake was vegan and gluten free. After 3 bites he hit his sugar high and ran around like crazy.

back yoard

He' is sleeping now, and we are all watching Betty White's 90th birthday tribute.
I should be packing.


Sophie Golden said...

You're absolutely fabulous. There are few blogs that I love to read and yours is one of them.

Elizabeth said...

You look fab in that coat! I would wear it all the time if I could :)

Happy Birthday to Brewier, and Oliver !

Did you decide on one of the rentals yet?

Best of luck in your move.