Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Random Fact Wednesday.

Lately at night if I wake up and can't go back to sleep, I practice raising one eyebrow, a talent Megan was born with, and I've always desired. Because it's dark and I'm laying in bed, I never know if I'm actually accomplishing anything so today as I was in front of the mirror  putting on makeup I tried lifting one brow. My brow stayed immobile but my under eyelid scrunched up considerably and I looked rather menacing.  It would also explain why the wrinkles under my right eye have become so pronounced. I'm pretty sure the only way I will ever gain Megans talent is to botox all my face except one eyebrow.

Fact #2
I adore Prosecco.
This is the prosecco shrine I have set up in my bathroom.

wine bottles

No, it's not aways there. Sarah and I just thought it would be pretty to get a picture of the bottles with the light shining through.
Last week I was cleaning out a few small kitchen drawers. The ones that hold such things as corkscrews, salt dishes tiny teaspoons, and the corks from bottles of wine I open.

There are 30 prosecco corks there!....but then I do share this wonderful wine with anyone who stops by.
In the back of one of the drawers were a few shark teeth. Everyone has those stashed away somewhere in there kitchen, don't they?

shrak teeth

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LindaSueBuhl said...

darn no shark teeth in any drawer! Practicing facial expressions without a mirror sounds a little like emptying ocean with teaspoon - might work out but how does one know? Prosecco is a lovely wine - and now a fad in decorating?