Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kind of Like a Roller Coaster.

I knew from the beginning that short selling our house wouldn't be easy, but I didn't think it would be such an emotional up and down ride. Finding a buyer was easy. The third couple who saw the house made a full price offer. Our realtor said the process should take just 5 weeks, making the second week in December our last week in the house. Panic! Then the mortgage company wanted more info, and when our realtor came to see us the first week in January, he said we should be looking at moving in 3 weeks. More panic. Then the mortgage company asked for more information and said they wanted $20,000 from us and they would approve the sale. Hello! If we had that kind of money we wouldn't be short selling! Our realtor negotiated them down to $3500...still not doable for us. So Friday Brewier wrote them a letter offering $1750, and if that wasn't aceptable, we would just stay in the house and deal with foreclosure.
The absurdity of all this is that, if we didn't already have a buyer, the mortgage company would be giving us $3000 in relocation help. It seems to me that they are wanting us to forclose.... so weird.
Today Brewier, Megan and I are working in the garage, sorting things out for the estate sale next weekend and packing the things we are going to take.... if this sale actually goes through.
Next step - find a place to live.

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mrsmouthy said...

Ugh, sorry it's been such a rough road. I hope it gets easier from here!