Sunday, January 08, 2012

Overwhelmed by the thought of moving, I asked Brewier if he wanted to go walk around Winter Park this morning. Probably not the best thing to do because it made me realize how much I will miss my little city. Walking along Park Ave, Brewier spotted this shop sign. Not really the the best name or pose. De-lice...really?


Something you don't normally see on Park Ave.


Sparkly top, nude tights, (tights are not pants!) and she kept standing around waiting for, her pimp, ride. I saw an SUV limo go by, and then she was gone, so all of this is speculation on my part.


We walked around Casa Feliz. This historic house used to be located across the street from where it sits now. My almost step sister and her husband bought it and started tearing it down to build a McMansion. The city stopped them and relocated the house.


My afternoon was spent looking for a place to would be helpful if we knew where we wanted to live. So far these are my top 3 finds.

This one is in Wesley Chapel, close to Jessica.

This is in Sanford, which would make Sarah extremely happy.

And finally, this last one is about 5 miles from here and very close to our old home. (I love the features this one has!)

I also spent a great deal of itme looking at homes in the San Diego Ca area. Dream on.


LindaSueBuhl said...

cannot get past the DeLice sign - okay - forced self - you have had an interesting walk but I'm not sure just anyone would have noticed the same things you did -another reason I like you.
All 3 rentals seem nice - of course I think I'd like the pool one but the one with a pond could be so peaceful. San Diego? hmmm -

Elizabeth said...

All three are very nice, and you have no idea how I would love to have the price in rent right now! The prices in the Bay Area is double.
I hope you find a place that you are happy with :)

Wende said...

The Delice sign made my day. Man, the places you can go with that!

And I hope you find just the right place. And I totally stalk Santa Barbara's MLS. It's soothing, to think of warmer climates in this grey world of mine.