Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Tour of Homes.

My mom and I first started going to these in the late 80's. They were always such fun and put us in the Christmas decorating spirit. We stopped attending about 10 years ago because they became rather disappointing. People didn't really have their homes decorated, just a tree up; or they were just using the tour to promote their business, (mostly artists showcasing their art.)
Yesterday we decided to give the tour another go. The first house was done beautifully, with a cowboy theme, (the owners of the home were from Texas and Oklahoma.)

cowboy tree

cowboy tree 2

The next house was just a, "porch stop." We were a bit disappointed because we had toured the inside of the home before, and it is beautiful. We were talking to the home owner about the last time we toured his home; we had gone into the guest room and the rugs in there used to be mine! I had had them in a consignment shop and apparently his wife had bought them. The owner remembered us from 15 years ago because of that!

christmas porch

This home had been beautifully remodeled inside and was for sale.

christmas house1

christmas house2

After that, the rest of the tour went down hill. One house was unoccupied and in the midst of renovation. Another was an artist who was showcasing her art work, and some of the people who had their homes opened didn't really seem to be enjoying being on the tour or having people in their homes. This house wasn't on the tour, but I thought it was so pretty. You can see the homeowner on her computer, through the front window.

christmas house 3

I loved the snowflakes and stars, hanging form the ceiling of this little porch.

christmas stars

While the tour was not what we expected, it was really lovely having a day together with my mom!


LindaSueBuhl said...

haven't done home tours in years - from everyone's comments - the ones in Fort Worth are still wonderful (historic area of town and going all out for decor) -- thanks for sharing your adventure though -I'd bet anything with your Mom would be fun does this mean y'all are over the black lung?

Dr. Schoen and staff said...
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Darlene Sherwood said...

These are lovely but I have seen you decorate your home and it beats these hands down.

Well, I haven't been over to see your decorations yet this year but I am sure they will be beautiful!