Tuesday, November 01, 2011

They Say Its Your Birthday!

(The Beatles.)

Well...its not my birthday until December, but Megan surprised me with an early birthday present.

birthday hat

I had seen this hat in a shop on Park Ave while I was out with Vickie on Friday. Loved the hat, not the price tag.
When I arrived home from Tampa, this was on my bed.

birthday hat1
Of course I opened the present before reading the card. When I saw the hat, I turned to Megan to say you shouldn't have spent so much money, but before any words could leave my mouth she said, "Have you read the card? Don't say anything until you read the card."

birthday hat2

How well she knows me. The bottom part that I cut off says that she has the receipt in case I've changed my mind about the hat. Fat chance.

Here is the back of her card. I love homemade cards....and birthday presents.

birthday hat3


Elizabeth said...

Love the hat, you look fab in it! What a sweet daughter :)

Mrs. Cheerio said...

That hat is amazing and you look GREAT!!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

you look fabulous and what a terrific gift!

Devoted Mama said...

You look like a model~SO beautiful! What a nice gesture from a sweet daughter. That's just a testiment/example of what a great mother you are :) Happy *early* bday ;)