Thursday, November 03, 2011

(David Bowie)
Our house is under contract...there is a home inspection tomorrow. I still haven't a clue as to where we will be living once it sells and I continue to wonder if we are doing the right thing. Brewier started a new interim job this week in Brandon and is home just on the weekends so all our paper work is being done by email and fax.
I had a suspicious patch of skin removed and biopsied last week. The Dr. said more than once that I was very lucky I came in when I did as it was pre-malignant.
I've started seeing a new Dr. He is a chiropractor but practices a form of medicine called Network Care. I have no curve to the spine in my neck and it looked like it was starting to fuse. All I knew is that I couldn't move my head, (I've had lots of neck injuries starting when I was young and in gymnastics.) and after one visit I could move it again. Brewier watched my right leg go from 1 inch shorter than the left, to a little bit longer than it. The Dr. said he should also be able to help me with my chemical sensitivities and my digestive disorders.
I'm handling this stress like any other woman. I'm eating everything...chips, french fries, chocolate, pumpkin bread, cookies ....I'm beginning to think my new wardrobe will need to include elastic waist pants and mumu's.


GREG PFLUG said...

I have extra bedrooms, you all are always welcome to hang until you figure out where you want to go.

hilltopper said...

the color of that mumu is beautiful. (a little pre encouragement should you need to make a wardrobe change)

LindaSueBuhl said...

I was going to ask where you found the muumuu but decided I should not encourage myself to go off my horribly, terribly life is short get healthy diet. But the color of the muumuu is lovely

Anonymous said...

I'm recently into the elastic waistband pants (maternity jeans) and I never want to go back! Going to the bathroom is so liberating without snaps, buttons, zippers, belts, etc.