Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No pictures...though I'm sure there are some on the camera. The past week has been filled with caring for a sick baby and daughter. I thought Oliver was getting better, but he seems to have picked up the nasty virus Brewier brought home last week. (As have Megan and I.) Poor little Oliver is very congested and can't breathe, and has been on a nursing strike nearly three days now. Megan had been pumping and giving him milk through a straw, but her supply is starting to dry up now. Prayers for this little guy and sick family would be appreciated.


Elizabeth said...

Poor little guy, that must be terrible. You will all be in my thoughts, I hope you all have a speedy recovery!!

CinderCat said...

Praying for Oliver, Megan and you. My grandkids have been fighting this virus for well over a week and it is a very nasty one, so so sorry to hear that it has hit your family.