Sunday, November 27, 2011

I've Got the Black Lung Pop.

(Derek Zoolander)
Brewier has been sick going on three weeks, Megan two, and I've been sick a week. As always, everything heads straight for my chest. I'm so thankful to have an excellent Dr. and a friend with awesome homeopathy skills to see me through this.
We've been having absolutely gorgeous weather, and all my windows are open, (long holiday weekend = no pesticide spraying.) Normally I'd have all the Christmas decorations out of the attic, holiday-fying my house, but instead am spending hours looking at Christmas decor on Pinterest. As I think about decorating for our last holiday here, I'm getting very sad about leaving my home. I love my neighborhood and my house and not knowing where will will go or live is unsettling.
Today at 4pm is a free concert in Central Park that Megan and I had hoped to go to, (and blog about,) but instead I think we will lay in my bed, in a diabetic coma from watching hour upon hour of Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies.

Welcome to my Christmas Dream.


Please come in for a visit


Have a seat in my lovely, kleenex free, living room


and admire my snowflake curtain


while enjoying this festive snack.



Vickie said...

so pretty!

Elizabeth said...

Nice images. I could get lost in Pinterest heaven for a long time :) I might just steal that olive idea.