Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday School Picnic.

Saturday Brewier and I drove over to Tampa to attend their Sunday School picnic. The kids loved having us there and I loved being able to be out among like minded people. The food wasn't too bad either...actually it was some of the best food I've had.


When Addison saw me take a picture of my plate, she asked if I would take one of her food.


The girl loves her carbs, (and ended up eating all the chips on my plate.)


A rare photo of Kate, who decided to be part of someone elses family for the day.


For as slim as Clay is, the boy can eat!



Jessica said...

The food was amazing. Just seeing pictures of it makes me want some again!

The Forecaster's Wife said...

You are killing me! Every time I come to your blog I start drooling over this food. That Brazilian steak is addictive!:)