Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Fabulous Fall Weekend.
The past three days have been absolutely gorgeous, and as close to fall like as we can ask for. Because I was in KY for the first day of fall, I didn't get my traditional molasses cookies made. I was made even more aware of this when I received a text saying that my friend Eva was sick and she was certain the only thing that could make her feel better was one of my cookies, so Friday she came over and we made these cookies together.


And because we were having so much fun together, we also made popcorn balls. (You can read more about that on my craft blog.)

pop 1

Megan and I walked Park Ave, and I saw this Pottery Barn display that would be perfect for Jessicas home and her high ceilings.
How much fun would that be to decorate every season?


Megan reading a menu, searching for gluten free, vegan options. Oliver was so happy to be out and about. He is very social.


Not vegan or gluten free.


Saturday was Vegfest, an annual gathering of vegetarian and vegan vendors. This was my meal from Loving Hut.


It looks more flavorful than it was. Megan and I are awesome cooks and are usually disappointed by restaurant food.

There were a bajillion dogs at the fest, much to my disdain. Its not that I dislike dogs so much as I do the owners who let them jump on me and let them poop next to me while I'm standing in line to get my lunch. This guy had his rabbit on a leash. We later saw him with his bunny on Park Ave.


The barn owl was pretty cool and made me think I'd like to dress Oliver up as an owl for halloween.


To keep the kids entertained, there was an area where a kid could get a box and decorate it to add on to the castle. What a great idea!


Brewier, entertaining the thought of becoming a vegan...or not.



Mrs. Cheerio said...

My girlfriend and I were walking through the mall the other day, and HAD to stop and take a photo of the same PB display. It is so beautiful. We agreed to make hanging lanterns from Mason jars and copy it. :)

Joel just said Brewier is the coolest dad. He really likes his hat.

LindaSueBuhl said...

looks like great fun - and my DH recalls how Floridians do seem to take their animals with them everywhere (he used to have his scarlet macaw on his shoulder all the time) - I think the by products would be less than appetizing!
Molasses cookies - yes mama that is one of my love languages!