Monday, October 17, 2011


(Patsy Cline.)

That's how it's been since we got back from Ky. We've been shuttling between my house and Darlenes, where I seek refuge when Orange County sprays the neighborhood... or the golf course sprays....or the park...or the Cady Way trail. Yeah, lots of spraying, but no bugs. I'd rather have bugs.
Our house has an offer on it. I didn't expect that to happen so fast. To think we could possibly be moving in 3 months has my stomach doing somersaults. I have no idea where I will live.I keep thinking I'd like to sell off all my possessions and head for CA, I've always wanted to go.
Brewiers car died while he was in Panama City, so today I bought a used Honda Accord.
Oliver is a real speed crawler and has started walking a bit, meaning a lot of my time is spent keeping an eye on him, (and nibbling his sweet neck.)
Friday night Meg and I went to the unveiling of a mural she was in, painted by Tom Thorspecken. Oliver was very excited about seeing himself and kept patting his portrait.


Saturday night we had the most beautiful sunset. Everyone on Facebook was posting pics of it.


And because I love sky photos, I give you the sunrise on the morning we left KY.



Mrs. Cheerio said...

Oh my gosh. That last photo gave me chills. It's phenomenal.

I ca't believe you already have an offer on your house! That is great news! Do you know where you will move yet? I hear Arizona is great for people with allergies, but I think it makes mine worse here (mine are nothing like yours, though).

I think you should the Northwest: Oregon or Washington.

LindaSueBuhl said...

WOW -google Silver City New Mexico - cleanest air - really neat small college town - you'd love it.