Monday, October 10, 2011

The 411.

We put our house on the market today; there is a realtors lock box on my door.
We have no idea where we will live if/when our house sells; but Orlando literally makes me sick.
I have 30+ years of vintage treasures and instead of having a garage sale, and putting things on Etsy, I'm going to contact professionals and see about having an estate sale.
Brewier is still without a car and having is having to use a rental to drive back and forth between here and Panama City. $$$ Thankfully, that job ends in two weeks...but then he is jobless.
Currently, I'm living at Darlenes. The air in her neighborhood isn't quite as bad as mine and I breathe a bit better. Living in other peoples houses has made me realize how little I need in the way of possessions. It has also made me realize what wonderful and gracious friends and family I have.


Elizabeth said...

I feel for you Tricia. Right now my husband has been unemployed since April and our housing situation is up in the air too. We don't own our home, so it is a matter of just looking for another rental, BUT the property people will not let the lease be at month to month past December.
After that, if he doesn't find anything, we can't really rent anything since we are unemployed. Things SUCK big time right now, and yesterday I was just heart sick at the thought of putting our stuff in storage, and possible staying with a friend.
The future looks pretty grim at the moment :(

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything, Tricia. I'm glad you're finally making the move for yourself!

LindaSueBuhl said...

The Lord who has provided for you all along will continue to do so - yes we all need fewer "things" than we accumulate and someone else might be looking for just the right piece for their nest. I know it is hard - we are doing a downsize move ourselves and DH is retired (health issues) and I work part time - but amazing how it is working out better than we'd hoped - I pray the same for you!

hilltopper said...

im praying for you!!! i dont know what God has planned for you but im sure its better than being sick 365 days a year.

Vickie said...

You should come visit me. I agree with hilltopper and I'm praying for you all too!

GREG PFLUG said...

Find a small plot of land where you can breathe and build this: