Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I'm in Danville, KY. This is Main ST.


The surrounding area looks like this. Beautiful, isn't it?


We've been having such a wonderful time, (I've not had any breathing problems since we got here!) that Megan, Oliver and I are staying a bit longer, while Brewier flew home last night...but not before he arranged all the Tom Clancey novels at Goodwill.


Apparently the shop keepers didn't appreciate this and had redistributed them by the next time we went in.
what we frequent almost as much as Goodwill, is the farmers market, held Monday, Thursday and Saturday.


I've also been able to meet up with my nieces and their kids.


And have been to visit Brewiers mom, who is now in a nursing home.



Amy said...

Good work Brewier! I bestow upon you the title of Honorary Librarian.

CinderCat said...

The last picture is precious.

LindaSueBuhl said...

terrific pic of Brewier's mom and Oliver - what a blessing to have multiple generations - beautiful countryside.
I've been absent from blogging for such a long while - about to make major downsize in our lives and I'm overwhelmed -

Jessica said...

That must be Mawmaw's "dressy shirt," she wore it for her outing with us today, too!