Thursday, September 01, 2011

Too Tired.

(Gary Moore)

To blog much. We've had a few busy days here. Lots of visitors +lots of fun.
Yesterday Jessica and the kids were here for the day, and Renee and Eva stopped by to party with us. Kate and Addison LOVE Eva and were so happy she was able to visit and play with them, and it gave us grownups a chance to talk.

(I don't have many pics because Jessica and I have identical cameras, and I was using here, thinking it was mine, fr most of the afternoon.)




See Oliver under Brewiers office chair? He has learned that if he pulls on the lever, he can lower Brewier down to his level.

office chair

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Jessica said...

In the first two photos Megan & I are demonstrating that the Welch girls like to use their hands to talk!