Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whats Going On

(Marvin Gaye)

Right now our weather is alternating between bright blue skies with puffy white clouds,


and grey, rainy windy weather, as the feeder bands from hurricane Irene hit us.


Its great and makes for wonderful coffee drinking weather. Things I need to be doing however are;

Working on my craft blog. I haven't updated in months and months...yet I keep getting new followers and am up to 1014 of them. Brewier keeps trying to think of ways I can make an income from my blog. Updating regularly would probably help.

Taking photos of my many treasures and listing in my etsy shop. Little by little things sell and I'm down to five pieces in the shop. this was actually yesterdays (Thursday) post that I never finished. Today I am still in my pj's drinking coffee and playing with Oliver. It's a good life.
I came across a website that shows pictures of the insides of peoples refrigerators which I find fascinating. Of course I'm also the person who loves to see what everyone else is buying at the grocery store. I like food. I took a photo of what my refrigerator looks like today.


This is the worlds best strawberry jelly. So say I and Megan. We have 5 more jars of it in the pantry because it was on sale last week...and we eat jelly daily.



Vickie said...

I wouldn't like you to look in my fridge. Your's looks so nice and neat and healthy.

Vickie said...

..but I do have the same peanut butter.

hilltopper said...

i spy with my little eye...kombucha. :)