Monday, August 22, 2011

That's All.

(Genisis...because I love the '80's.)

Random facts about myself which I used to do on Wednesdays, but it's not very random if you do it the same day every week.

- I've gained 12 pounds in the past 6 weeks from stress eating. None of my clothes fit.
- I don't like the color yellow.
- I am very uncomfortable talking to people and am a horrible conversationalist.
- I truly feel like I belong on the west coast of the U.S., even though I've never been
- I miss having a cat.


Vickie said...

I don't like yellow either, never have, even though my prom dress was.

Elizabeth said...

I think you would love it out here on the west coast :)

Yellow is a weird color. They say to never paint a room in it, because instead of the sunny yellow that people think it will bring, it actually is the opposite, and makes people angry,

hilltopper said...

1. none of my clothes fit either.
2. my sister and my mom LOVE yellow, me, not so much.
3. i love talking to you.
4. whats not to love about the west coast?
5. having a cat is seriously over rated.

Jessica said...

Take my cat.

Linda said...

Can you take vitamins? I ask because I told a doctor here that I couldn't lose weight and she has me taking magnesium and I've lost weight-a couple of pounds. I have no idea why. Of course, you have to eat less and exercise too-wouldn't you know it?