Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday Sun.

(Nick Drake)

Our contract with Verizon expired in the spring, and we've been going month by month with them until we decided what new phones and what new plan we wanted. (Texting was not in our old plan!!) Yesterday afternoon we all, (Brewier, Megan, Oliver, Gator, and I,) packed into the car and went to Costco to visit the Verizon kiosk. We picked a plan, paid for 3 new phones and then waited 1 1/2 HOURS while they tried to activate the plan...with no success. We were told very rudely that it wasn't their fault and we could come back tomorrow and they could try again, but we weren't allowed to take the phones we already paid for out of the store. Brewier returned the phones and talked to the Costco manager who said they've been getting complaints about the Wireless Advocates, employees who run the kiosk. SO we are still without a new plan or new phones.
While Brewier dealt with the phone issue this is what the rest of us did.

Gator rested on some boxes.


Oliver tried out a new car seat.


I asked Gator to be a ships masthead for me.


Megan and I were so traumatized, (I'm very serious here,) by the nastiness of Dorothy at the Verizon kiosk, that we were unable to cook dinner and decided to soothe our nerves with Thai food.

On our way home from Thai House we passed

A yellow truck

yellow truck

An orange van

orange van

An aqua house

Aqua house

And a food truck bazaar

food trucks

The end.


Vickie said...

try metro pcs, no contract
we pay 80.00 per month or 2 phones unlimited everything but you have to buy the phones, mine was 99.00 I think Chucks was 39.99

LindaSueBuhl said...

After I spewed out indignation to my husband - realized you should definitely take this situation to Costco Corporate's attention

The whole deal with Costco has always been extraordinary service - what you describe is terrible.
We've been agonizing over cell phone plans but in our area Sprint is definitely the strongest competitor - rural areas have funny dead zones for many of the cell companies. Whew - and I'm proud of y'all for not stopping at the food vendors place -looks like all kinds of high calorie fun!