Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Mystery of the Pink Panties.

I was lounging around Saturday evening recovering from the garage sale when I get a phone call from Darlene. "Hi Tricia, are you missing a pair of pink panties?" Caught of guard I had to think a minute. Hmmm....I had just done laundry and both pairs of my pink panties had been washed and folded. "Uh, I don't think so." Darlene then explains that there is a pair of pink panties in the tin box of bullets I returned to Mark. He was not so thrilled, nor did he see the humor in finding them there, (thankfully he was not at the gun range when he discovered them,) but both Darlene and I were in hysterics. After hanging up and thinking about it, I remember hiding the gun and bullets before our trip to KY. I also remember grabbing something off the top of my dresser from the pile of mystery clothes, (Clothes that I find around my house that don't belong to me,) to stick in the tin of bullets so they wouldn't rattle in case thieves broke in to my house and pulled out the basket I had tucked the tin into.
So, if you left a pair of pink panties at my house, they're gone. actually, if you left any clothing item at my house it's gone because the pile that was on my dresser went the garage sale way.


Brewier said...

So that's what happened to my pink panties.

LindaSueBuhl said...

OK that is just TOO funny - the mystery of the pink panties or ammo in your drawers - literally!

Anonymous said...

You should start including a pair of pink panties in everything you return/give to people. It could be your calling card.