Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a New Sensation.

Megan needed some storage bins and a quick trip to Walmart hell seemed to be our best shopping option. As a reward for our pain and suffering we decided to see if we could find some decent chocolate in the candy aisle. I didn't have high hopes, but when I saw this Chuao, Firecracker bar and read the description I was hooked.
Dark chocolate, chipotle peppers, salt and the magic ingredient that makes it awesome, pop rocks. I love pop rocks....and I love this chocolate bar.


I've been spending all my computer time on Pintrest again, and came across this picture the other morning. This could totally be my mom and her cat Romeo. Seriously. I have a fourth brother now and he's a feline.


And incase you know of anyone in need of furniture; I'm getting rid of my love seat. $150 or best offer. Or any offer. It needs to go to make room for Megans stuff.


Craigslist link for it.


hilltopper said...

i had to laugh out loud on walmart = hell.

it is, i came home from hell with a sore throat this afternoon.
im going to have to check out the chocolate next time i go to hell.

Vickie said...

I hate going to hell!

Jane said...

That chocolate sounds perfectly ghastly. In my humble opinion.
But go ahead, knock yourself out enjoying it.

Jessica said...

No!!! Not the sofa! I love sitting on it in that room. (You know, all of the four times out of the year that I;m over there!)

Tim Goldsmith said...

That Chocolate sounds awesome!!!

Surely, we could come to some arrangement where you could send me a couple of bars of it to Australia & I could hook you up with some cool Aussie chocolate.
Do you like Caramel? Our "Caramello Koalas" are iconic!
I could even send you one of my favourite things to give Americans. "Musk" flavoured lifesavers. In the British-oriented world it is a lolly flavour, but I understand it is only a deodorant flavour in the US!