Friday, August 05, 2011

I'll Sleep When I Die.

Though I've yet to hear him utter it, I'm pretty sure that is what Oliver is thinking. Despite our best efforts, he refuses to go to sleep before 9pm, then wakes at 4:30am, all smiles and full of energy. Meanwhile, Megan and I are bleary eyed, coffee drinking, zombies. We had grand plans to have her room prettified by the end of the week, but that hasn't happened yet. We did get some fabric to make some pillows, and we have curtains that just need to be embellished before being hung. Here are some pics give you an idea of our progress.

Brewier taking apart the weight machine.


The empty room. Megan and I can't get over how narrow it looks.



Everyone who sees her room now, says, "Wow, this room is a lot bigger than I thought!"
(That's a king sized bed.)


Hopefully this weekend will see the room decorated.


Corey said...

I LOVE that mirror! where did you get it?

Tricia said...

Corey, my mom bought it years ago and has now given it to Megan, (lucky girl!)