Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Thing.

No, I'm not quoting Martha Stewart, but the Fine Young Cannibals. I've been trying to use song titles as post titles.
I've followed a blog called "Vegan Lunchbox" for a few years now. The woman packs her sons lunch in this really cool bento box called a "lap top lunch." I've wanted to buy one for. like. ever. But they are pricey. Whole Foods sells them.

laptop lunch

Yes, thats right. $33 for some, (thankfully) made in America pink plastic. Imagine my spastic excitement when I spotted a brand new lap top lunch box at a garage sale for $1. I grabbed that thing so quick, I frightened Brewier. Then I kept it out on my kitchen counter for a week so I could admire it. Have I used it? No. But I have one and its mine, all mine. (Because deep down inside I'm 8 years old.)

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Samantha said...

Oh man I have been wanting a laptop lunch box for at least three years now but I just can't seem to justify the price. My son will be going to school very shortly, it would be cheaper than a years worth of gross school lunches right?

Great find by the way for only a dollar! Amazing.