Monday, August 08, 2011

Call Me Methuselah.

Schedules permitting, Monday mornings are coffee, in pj's with Renee. This morning however, we were treated to this lovely dining experience. It's a bit like going to a resort when you visit Renee. Her home is beautifully decorated with Charleston/tropical feel; her pool and landscaping are inviting and lush. Then there is the food. Renee is the ultimate southern hostess, always ready with some tasty treat.


Oliver was entranced by Saras beauty.

After breakfast, 8 year old Eva came home with us. On the ride she was telling Megan about Sara's apartment and how, "New Yorky," it was. She also told Megan that Sara had a neighbor whose name is, "Mr. Mister," (true!) and that he was really 30.
When we get home Eva and I go back into my craft room for some fun time. I pull out some felt and embroidery floss, and teach her how to do the blanket stitch.


As we are sitting and stitching, Eva glances over to the heart I'm makeing and comments on how neat the stitches are.


I tell her this is because I've been sewing for a long time.
"Yeah, I guess this is a good thing to sit and do when you're old.....Um, I mean Older," She says as she cautiously glances up at me. I ask her if she knows how old I am. "No," she answers. I tell her I am turning 50 this year and her eyes get HUGE. "You're older than my dad!" Yep, call me Methuselah.




LindaSueBuhl said...

barely getting to be fully growed up - 50 is the BEST! Like the blanket stitched heart and sharing your pleasant morning with your readers.

hilltopper said...

A good thing to sit and do when youre old....baahhahahaha.

looks like you all had a nice day, i know you always enjoy your time with Eva.

Mrs. Cheerio said...

You are a youngin'! Joel and I's (Joel's and my? I never know how to write that properly.) parents are closer to 60... :D