Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy Days.

Yesterday morning Vickie came by, (with McDonalds coffee!) for a morning of watercolors and surprised us by bringing her daughter Corey along! Vickie has radiation done every morning just a few blocks from y house; and while having cancer sucks, getting to see her weekly is nice.


Lately my days have been going by in a blur. Getting Megan settled, and watching Oliver, while Meg works on rebuilding her Etsy business takes up most of our days. Meal planning has taken a back burner and Thai House has been the source of many dinners. Megan has a very limited diet due to Olivers food sensitivities, (I'm so sorry you seemed to have inherited my immune system Oliver,) and has found out how depressing and draining trying to figure out what to eat, can be.

This little face makes me so happy.

oliver 6mo

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Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous. Who has lips like that? Who?!