Monday, August 01, 2011

And Now Back to Our Regular Programing.

Things are starting to settle down here and we are getting into more of a schedule; I plan to start blogging regularly. We had our garage sale both Friday and Saturday and sold nearly everything we put out. My garage is still full of both mine and Megans stuff, but inside is getting a bit better.
I have so many photos from when Addison and Kate were here, unfortunately most of them are out of focus. I was squatting while packing boxes at Megans house when my brand new PowerShot ELPH, slipped out of my pocket and hit the floor. The LCD screen, (which sits higher than the protective edge of the camera...really poor design,) is badly cracked and the camera doesn't focus as it should. I still feel like crying.

While Kate and Addison were here, their cousins, Sam and Gator, came over for a visit. They had so much fun together; the boys are really sweet to their young cousins. After much playing, we built a tent, made a big bowl of popcorn and watched The Incredibles.


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LindaSueBuhl said...

so sorry about the camera - can it be repaired? Nice play time for the cousins - I remember inside the house tents of quilts or sheets or whatever mama said was OK to use