Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Splash Park.

This morning while sitting bleary eyed, enjoying my coffee, Addison asked if she and Kate could open the front door and, "Check the weather." Since I was sitting just 3 feet from the door, I said, "Sure." A few seconds later I heard squealing, and the sound of their feet running up the sidewalk. "Maemae!" Addison shouted. "Can we play in your splash park?" Ummm, what splash park, I'm thinking. Then I look outside and see that our automatic sprinklers are on. They had a great time at the splash park and think their Popsey is awesome for turning it on for them.




Jessica said...

I love the smiles on their faces!

hilltopper said...

look how much fun theyre having!!!
does it make you want to run through the sprinkler wearing only your undies?

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Oh, how cute!!! I love it!