Saturday, July 02, 2011

It's An Addiction.

Goodwill hunting, that is. We go to the one by moms house at least twice a day, and have made trips to go to three others...who does that as a vacation activity?
The really bad part is we buy thing nearly every time we go. I am taking home quadruple, (at least,) the amount of clothes I came with....Brewier too.
My mom always wears a hat, making it easy to find her in the store. Her wardrobe as well as most of her home decor has come from Goodwill. Its genetic.


My brother knows he can always find us here. He and Brewier were searching for a tie that didn't have stains on it. No such luck.


Goodwill is full of snazzy dressers. This man had to be pushing 90. Thats a Spiderman backpack he's sporting.


Meg, this beauty was almost yours :)


I promise, this is my last Goodwill post.


LindaSueBuhl said...

you make it look like such a fun activity - I do believe it is the company you keep rather than just the Goodwill store shopping in and of itself!

pk said...

You know while we were up in Jersey , Pa and yay got to visit my bf in Ct this time and we went to a few neat consignments, I was able to get a flax dress at one and was sooooo happy , dress' seem so hard to find ( for me ) here in fl. so I get the happiness, both getting to be with someone so special in your life and finding a treasure. Happy for us all !! hugs