Saturday, July 30, 2011

It Wasn't the Day I Had Planned.

I had visions of spending yesterday morning at the beach, so at 7:30 Brewier and I headed out the door. As we were getting into the car we noticed our neighbor across the street, (who put his house up for sale the same weekend we signed papers to sell our house,) had a canopy up in his drive way; a sure sign of an impending garage sale. We went back into the house, got Megan, and started dragging things into the driveway for a garage sale of our own. Most of what we sold was little stuff belonging to Meg, and we still have a garage full of boxes to go through and hopefully sell more today.
As far as our house goes, we'd still like to sell it, but with Megan and Oliver living with us, and the fact that there are 3 houses for sale on my street, (nobody is able to afford there mortgage right now,) we've put our sale on hold. It used to be nearly impossible to buy a house in this neighborhood, with houses selling before they even went on the market and usually for more than the asking price. Now every street is dotted with,"For Sale," signs. Kind of scary.

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