Monday, July 25, 2011

I Need Some Pretty.

I've been zoning out on Pinterest (My boards) because my house currently looks like this.

My living room.


My bedroom. (Now Megan and Olivers room.)


Mt craft room.


Our two car garage, full except for this path out.


Today we are going to work at disassembling our weight room to turn it into Meg and Olivers room. In a couple of weeks we are going to have a ginormous garage and sell off most of Megs stuff....and a bunch of mine too. The most daunting aspect is that there is so much stuff, we can't go through it unless we pull it all out onto the driveway.


Elizabeth said...

So sorry to read about Meg's life altering situation :( How courageous of her to move out of that situation. I hope every day gets better, and she finsd a wonderful new path for her and Oliver's life.
I'm sure she is very thankful to have such loving parents as yourselves!

J said...

I've read your blog for several years and just wanted to say that it seems your family is going through a difficult time, and you're in my prayers.

Vickie said...

I understand some of what you are going through and I'm praying for you Tricia! It was great to see you all the other day look forward to next week!