Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Vacation.

I hadn't planned it, but once back in FL all my good KY health went away and I've had to readjust to feeling like crap most of the time. I had grand plans to photograph all my fabulous Goodwill finds until I started writing down everything we bought. Brewier added up all the receipts and it came to $200. I may work up the energy to take some pictures, but until then here is a list of our purchases.

8 sweaters (5 of them cashmere.)
8 plaid shirts for Brewier
1 brand new in the box tux shirt, bow tie, cumber-bun and studs
2 dress shirts
5 sports jackets
5 ties
4 belts
5 night gowns
3 pajama pants
21 tops/blouses
2 dresses
2 pants
1 scarf/poncho
1 jacket
1 pair shoes
4 girls dresses
1 girls sweater
1 rhinestone clock
1 vintage candy dish
1 vintage bedspread
1 vintage lamp
2 boxes vintage Christmas ornaments
1 box vintage Christmas tags
1 jigsaw puzzle
9 pounds of lego
1 dvd
1 book on cd
5 padded hangers (leopard print!)
1 polo shirt
2 ken dolls

I think thats everything....but there could be more I've forgotten. The items we bought weren't junky, but nice quality things. Well worth $200.


Julianna said...

That sounds like some great shopping! You're making me want to go to Goodwill soon. There are at least 3 in my area that I know of.

LindaSueBuhl said...

What a shame about the difference in your health - would make it hard to return to Florida I'd think. You really did some great shopping - liking the leopard print padded hangers - for that wild in the closet look

Melissa said...

WOW! Can't wait to see your finds...I hope you can miraculously feel better soon!

hilltopper said...

9 pounds of legos!? that would be half of you budget if you had paid retail!!!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Holy moly! That is A LOT of stuff for $200! You're giving me the thrifting itch! I hope you'll post some photos of your new treasures!

pk said...

You are such the shopper !! Yay !! Can't wait to see all the pics, feel better soon please and thank you !! gentle hugs and welcome home.