Thursday, June 16, 2011

While Friends Are Away...

Megan and I will sneak into their pool with my underwater camera. It was so hot we stayed just 40 minutes, and once again I am sporting a sunburn. Meg had lots of fun playing with my camera, though just like me, she had a hard time initially putting it under water. It just seems so wrong. The case did its job though and I now have more photos of myself in a swimsuit than I ever want to see.
Who is that chubby old lady?


Oh...its me. My brain is still 25. My body has betrayed me.



The fabulous Megan. (Aren't you glad I didn't post your Urkel shot?)



Jane said...

CHUBBY? Say WUT! You look fabulous. Absolutely stunning.
And I think we have the same bathing suit... is yours about 4 years old and from Costco?

Mrs. Cheerio said...

WHATEVER!!!! You look fantastic. For real. No more of that!

Vickie said...

You look great!! Wish I looked as good!!

hilltopper said...

fun! the water case for the camera is awsome.

Elizabeth said...

Chubby??!! I don't see that at all! I wish I looked that great :)