Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still Homeless.

Well, not exactly homeless, but unable to be in my house due to the massive brush fires burning all over the state. I'm very thankful to have a, "safe house," with clean air and no smoke or allergens. Megan and I have been having lots of fun together, shopping, cooking and making Starbucks trips.

Another Winter Park fountain, with Megan and Oliver in the background.


An unusually empty Starbucks on Park Ave. The employees said it had been very slow morning. Might have something to do with coffee costing $5.


Megan and I decided to make some Vietnamese food for lunch, requiring a trip to Dong A. The aisles are so narrow poor Oliver must have thought he was in a bumper car.


I liked the line of honey bears.


After shopping and cooking, we decided it was more economical to just call our favorite restaurant, Ahn Hong, and order food.

Yesterday I had an invitation to tea from Emmaline. She planned the menu, then shopped for and made the food. It was lovely and delicious.


A few of her favorite animals were also invited.



This morning Megan and I did some grocery shopping and stopped by, "Eat More Produce." They have a deli section now, and their Boars Head lunch meat is $2 less than Publix. I felt so bad for the deli lady. She was moving nonstop, and the stores AC is out...and the heat index is 105. Not a fun day for her. Oliver was melting into Megan.


We've spent the afternoon in Megans 70 degree house drinking coffee and ripping things out of old magazines much to Olivers delight.


Katie said...

Sounds fun! Megan looks great!

Jessica said...

I like that shirt on Megan! It sounds like you all are having lots of fun! :) said...

Thanks, Katie! And Jess, the outfit is from Target - shirts for $8! :)

hilltopper said...

Ds favorite game when he started sitting on his own was "flip and rip", a bunch of old phone books and magazines will entertain a baby for at least 10 minutes and you just throw the mess into the recycle.