Saturday, June 04, 2011

Living Life on the Edge, or, God Performs a Miracle Just for Me.

I've been walking Park Ave with Megan, (which is shocking since it is usually to smelly and pesticide laden,) and it has been like taking a happy pill. Getting to say hi and interact with people has made me feel my age, rather than the 80 year old I've felt like lately, because I do live the life of an aged invalid and have felt for sometime that I am old, useless and dying. I've been falling deeper and deeper into depression due to the isolation of my life. I have very few friends and no social life, and I am a person who loves people and activity.

Thursday night Oliver went to bed at 4pm and was down for the night, so around 6:30 Megan and I went for an evening walk. We stopped at the splash park:

wp splash park

Then continued our walk towards Park Ave, through the rose garden:

wp rose garden

(See Megan peeking around the corner?)
We started walking by all the restaurants and realized we were really hungry, and the restaurants weren't busy, with all of them having empty tables. Dare we try to eat out? We'd stop and read through menus, but they all sounded the same...dairy, pasta, heavy food. We kept walking until we reached Eola Wine Co. We were looking for a menu when a gentleman who had just finished dining handed us his and told us we had to try the salmon tartare, and recommended the beer he had to go with it. There were empty tables. There was no perfume. So we sat down and ordered the tartare,( Cured salmon tartare drizzled with truffle aoli and served with crostini,) steak flat bread, (Flank steak, caramelized onion, mushrooms, blue cheese and horseradish drizzle,) and the beer, Blanche de Bruxelles.

wp eola wine co

Neither Megan or I are big salmon fans, but...

wp salmon

this is Megs face after her first bite.

wp meg

wp steak

(Hmm...time to buy new bras....)

Not only was the meal absolutely delicious, I had no after effects from it. None. I kept waiting for the pain and it never came!
That night I went to bed happy, grateful, and looking forward to the following day.


Vickie said...

That looks like much fun. Megan looks very cute and the food looks yummy, delicious. Wonderful time together like that is a blessing.

Jessica said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you, I know how much this made your day. :)

hilltopper said...

Praise God! He knows just what we need, doesnt he? im so glad you got to have some fun and NOT suffer the consequences afterward.

the food looks ...YUM!

i know it doesnt help much but people really are missing out when they choose perfume and fabric softener over a good and loyal friend. not to mention that youre fun and witty. oh and fabulous.

Linda said...

Gosh, that all sounds good. I miss American restaurants and what they serve. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh YUM I'm not a huge fan of tartare anything but oh my goodness and dang that beer looks fabulous. Yes miracles don't have to be parting of a sea - the simple act of eating food the Lord provides and having pleasure not pain - definitely a miracle for you. Now if we could both pray for perky - oh nevermind