Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just like people in the south call it, "The Walmart," they also say, "The Goodwill." All I know is that this is the best Goodwill store I've ever been to. It's walking distance from my mom's house and we go there at least twice a day. I've already spent over $60 there. I've purchased
3 cashmere sweaters
4 woman's shirts
4 casual shirts for Brewier
1 dress
3 night gowns
2 pairs of pajama pants
1 jacket for Jessica
4 dishes
1 tin organization box
1 tie
1 brand new dvd - The Incredibles
1 book on cd

One of the shirts I bought is for my Etsy shop. It's a vintage silk, Bob Mackie. If I were a size 8, I would keep it... it's very, "Sex and the City."


This is the jacket I got for Jessica, (It looks much nicer in person.)


When I'm not foraging at Goodwill, I'm hanging out with my brother. Yesterday he was taking photos of the firetrucks for the cities website.


In the evening he and Gavin came over for a swim.


At 3pm they put new stuff out at Goodwill. I better rest up.


hilltopper said...

i LOVE the jacket!!
cant wait to Goodwill it up!!!

LindaSueBuhl said...

The Goodwill and the Walmarts are mainstays in Texas also - oh and the Steinmarts for fancier duds! You are finding some treasures there!

hapi said...

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Mrs. Cheerio said...

Thrifiting is a great pass time. You have found some excellent stuff!