Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Was Nothing Short of Walking on Water.

The thing I miss most in living with my chemical sensitivities is going to chapel on Sundays. I can live without restaurants, and going to movies and concerts; but not being able to fellowship with like minded people brings me to tears. The people at the chapel are my family, and I miss them.
Today was an open house at Trent and Allison's for everyone to meet Stephens lovely bride, Kelly. I RSVP-d knowing that I would probably walk in and right out again, but this was a gathering of friends who have since moved away, or moved on to another church and I desperately wanted to see everyone. This is where the miracle happens. I arrived and there was perfume and aftershave, along with other fragrances. The house was very, very warm and filled to overflowing with people.
I had NO trouble breathing. I did not get sick. I stayed two hours. The Lord knew how badly I needed to be there with the people I love. It was wonderful and bittersweet at the same time, knowing that this group of people That I've known for 24 years will probably not be together again. I tried to take lots of photos, but many were blurry, and I didn't get a good pic of the newlyweds :(

Kim and Darlene.


Allison and Katie.


Andrew and Nick.








A message for the newlyweds.



Jessica said...

"knowing that this group of people That I've known for 24 years will probably not be together again"

Between that & the photos I'm even more bummed that I couldn't be there! I'm really glad you could stay, though, I know how wonderful that was!

hilltopper said...

God is so good.
i almost cried, then i saw Brewier and couldnt help but laugh.

Melissa said...

Tricia, I am so glad you were able to go fellowship with friends. I can only imagine the joy you felt being able to be there. I was thinking about you as I sat in my church on Sunday. I don't know if you'd be interested in trying to come, but the theater is huge and there are seats that are up to over 100 feet away from where most people sit. Let me know if you want to visit :-)