Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It Was An Early Birthday Celebration.

Sunday morning I drove to Tampa so that I could watch Kate and Clay, while Addison had her dance recital. Brewier slept most of the day, recovering from a week of working in Bradenton, then driving back to Orlando and filming all night before driving back to Bradenton again in the morning. By Monday morning he was somewhat recovered and watched all the kids so Jessica and I could go out shopping, (our favorite pastime.) Because she is having Clays birthday party on her birthday, I decided this would be her birthday celebration. We had coffee and key lime tart at Barnes and Noble, found a couple of really cute necklaces for her at Forever 21, and a a new dress for her trip to Philly, at TJMax.
coffee with jess

Clay was having a grand time crawling through the house while Kate napped.


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