Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I Spend My Days.

I wake up around 6, get online and check FB and my emails, and read blogs. Around 7 I join my stepfather, Dick, and his friend and neighbor, Dick,( who I will always think of as Mr. Hollman, since he was my first ever boss when I worked at Baskin Robbins, while in high school,) and we walk the neighborhood a couple of times. Then we drink coffee on the front porch. By this time my mom is up and the two of us to McDonalds to have coffee. If its a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, we go to the farmers market, then it's on to Goodwill. After scoping out the new merchandise, (they put out 1000 new pieces a day!) we head home. I wash my new purchases, get online for awhile, and eat lunch. At 1pm, it's back to Goodwill, because they are putting out more stuff.
The afternoon is spent visiting with my mom or reading In the evenings I visit my brother, eat dinner with him and walk around downtown Danville. It stays daylight until after 9pm, so that gives us lots of walking time. I'm really enjoying the pattern of the days, and loving how much better I breathe and feel here.

My walking buddies and their matching solar, atomic watches.


My brother Ken, the chicken whisperer.


Gavin loves our evening walks.


These are the biggest magnolia blossoms I've ever seen. Each petal is the size of my hand!



hilltopper said...

i got a great laugh out of the picture of your brother with the chicken.his expression just tickled me.

LindaSueBuhl said...

sounds a bit like heaven to me (except for the shopping parts) glad you are breathing - since DH has a lung disease - I know too well the thrill of a deep breath! Enjoy and yes - your brother's expression is a keeper! what a hoot