Monday, May 02, 2011

Wedding Recovery.

Megan and I woke up at 4 am, ( actually, we were awake most of the night due to a certain baby,) to watch the wedding, then continued to watch it through out the day. We had a case of Christmas let down once it was all over; anyone else feel that way?
Because the brand new 40" flat screen tv made me sick from all the toxic fumes it was out gassing,(It has been returned to Costco,) we watched the wedding on my old but still working tv. I had to sit really close so as not to miss anything. All I can think of when I see this photo is, "When did my bum get so BIG?"


Did you know that the there is an official Royal Wedding, Flickr page? It's right here.

I loved the wedding dress; its very much like the one I had pictured in my head, but the real show stopper was Pippa. Stunning. There is now a Facebook page of Pippa bum admirers and as, (ha ha, I had ass typed at first,) of yesterday it had 90,000 fans.

Yesterday we went to the beach. Shocker, I know. I liked the pattern all the tire tracks made in the sand.


We saw Noahs ark.


When we first started coming to the beach, we had one beach bag with a couple of towels and a beach mat in it. Then we got an umbrella. Then chairs. Now we have two umbrellas, two bags, our chairs and two boogie boards.



hilltopper said...

i would not have imagined that toxic fumes would be put off by a new TV!!!

leave it to you to be allergic to TV. said...

It smelled horrible!!

Jessica said...

Once you're not around different items for awhile you start to notice that almost EVERYTHING has fumes when you encounter it again.

Kimberly said...

When you get those weird plastic and chemical smells, Roger likes to declare that it "smells like China". LOL

I was a bit disappointed in the royal wedding too. I was expecting "wow", but we got "how nice"! I enjoyed pointing out things from Charles and Di's wedding clips to Liz. She was just amazed by all of it. I also agree with Pippa being "wow"! Harry was looking pretty darn good for a late bloomer himself.

Glad to hear you had a nice day at the beach.