Thursday, May 12, 2011

So...What Kind of Barbie is This?

I bought a large box full of barbie dolls and barbie clothing at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago, for when Kate and Addison come to visit. We were sitting on the floor, excitedly pulling out all the dolls when I came across this one


Ummm.....she has phallic shaped objects around her waist and compartments for batteries in her thighs. I thought of some very creative names for her which I am not going to post .
I happened to have AAA batteries on hand so I popped them into her thighs and pushed this little button located on the back of her leg. The apparatus around her wasit started spinning really making it look like a lighted dress. Kate loves it.


Jane said...

I am speechless.

hilltopper said...

i suppose you could google it...but ...hmm, everything that you would type in to describe her would get you some pretty "interesting" search results, to be sure.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I tried to leave a properly family friendly comment before - blogger was acting up - will try again - oh my goodness Barbarella Barbie?

Anonymous said...

Just began following your blog, lovin' it so far. ;-) Found the Barbie doll. You can see her here:

Tricia said...

Terri, nice to meet you! I can't believe you found that crazy Barbie!