Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Randomness About the Weekend.

The rest of Friday looked like this:

Coffee with Greg

fri morn

Impromptu swimming party at David and Renees.

fri morn2

One of Gregs fantastic grilled dinners.

fri eve

fri eve2

Saturday was HOT. We went to a nursery to get some replacement bushes, for ones we had purchased at Home Depot, that were root bound and dying.
Since it was the end of the world we decided to celebrate by eating a dinner of all fried food. One way or another I was planning on meeting Jesus.


Sunday was a quiet day of mostly staying at home. We did go out in the evening for our free Arbys pecan chicken salad sandwiches, (I only ate the filling out of mine, and it was good.) On our drive through the neighborhood I spotted this bamboo someone had dug up out of their yard, sitting curbside and had Brewier cart it home to plant in the back yard. I should probably plant it today except that it is all ready 150 degrees outside and I don't want to be crispy.



LindaSueBuhl said...

trick with bamboo is containing those roots - seems most effective method is metal barrier stuff driven deeper than root ball - or trench around 'em and periodically light trench on fire but that is kind of drastic! around here bamboo appears in various "wild" areas of land - evidence at some time - perhaps someone carted it off and dumped it? Your weekend sounds good and wish I'd thought of all fried meal for the apocalypse!

CinderCat said...

"One way or another I was planning on meeting Jesus."

My sides are hurtin' from laughing so hard...priceless and probably one of the best lines I've read about the 21st coming of Jesus!

Linda said...

As Lindasue said-be sure to contain the roots or you will have a bamboo filled yard. It sends out sucker roots all over the place.