Thursday, May 26, 2011

Currently I Am:

Hiding out in my air conditioned house,listening to Aimee Mann, cleaning out my very underused craft room, (again,) and drinking copious amounts of water. It is really hot out. Really, really. Our local news says it's 89, (Lies, constant lies.) Time and temperature says its 101. My thermometer registers 105. Photo evidence.


My mom and Dick arrived from KY yesterday. Moms best friend is in the hospital, dying. So while the reason shes here isn't great, it's nice to have her here. We went and visited Megan and Oliver. I told mom that Brewier was filming a S.A.G. movie in the evenings. She wasn't very happy about this and said we needed to check up on him, because she would not be very happy if her husband was in a stag film.
My mom keeps me laughing.

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Brewier said...

Everyone I have told on set has gotten a great laugh out of this, especially the Executive Producer.